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We founded ZwitterCo in 2018 to address industrial and agricultural water scarcity by improving water treatment and reuse.

We’re living in an era of growing water scarcity. By 2025, half the world’s population is expected to live in water-stressed areas (United Nations). We founded ZwitterCo in 2018 with a singular mission to address this problem by increasing industrial water treatment and reuse.

Our breakthrough zwitterionic membrane technology allows industries to use new water sources and reuse their previously unrecoverable wastewater. Whether drawing from surface water, seawater, or industrial wastewater, we enable our customers to maximize the clean water they produce with the world’s first fouling-immune membranes.

Who We Are

The ZwitterCo team brings decades of expertise in industrial wastewater management, having designed and installed process equipment for leading water treatment companies throughout the world. With more than 60 water & membrane technology experts, our commitment to engineering excellence and innovative technology ensures reliable, cutting-edge outcomes.

What We Do

At ZwitterCo, we use our zwitterionic membranes to solve the most complex separation challenges, providing industries with the tools for advanced water and wastewater treatment and reuse. ZwitterCo’s products are used in the treatment of dairy wastewater, poultry wastewater, bioprocessing, landfill leachate, manure digestate, produced water, food wastewater and more. 

Who We Serve

We serve forward-thinking industries and companies by revitalizing the established membrane market and pioneering new membrane processes that unlock water reuse and waste-to-revenue opportunities. Our commitment to innovation meets the critical needs of essential, water-stressed sectors, delivering sustainability and operational excellence through advanced membrane technology.


Our mission is to make it practical for industries to recycle water and enhance product recovery with breakthrough advancements in filtration. We offer water treatment and separation solutions that cut chemical demands, maintain steady performance, and last.

"We founded ZwitterCo to address the global water crisis by making safe and commercially viable industrial water treatment a reality."

Alex Rappaport, Co-Founder & CEO

Meet the Leadership Team

Funding Partners & Investors

Filter out  fat 

to make clean water
from every source.

Introducing the world’s only membranes engineered to create clean water from high fouling environments.

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Industrial Wastewater Reuse

ZwitterCo has only polymeric membranes that can filter high strength organic streams without rapid and irreversible fouling. More description here to describe the kind of solutions we offer for NMP.

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Challenging Surface Water Treatment

Write a description about how we solve challenging surface water treatment problems. EMP for pure water.

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High Value Protein & Co-Product Separation

Write copy about our solution for protein bioprocessing co-product creation – EMP Process.

Remove Bulk Organics

Remove tough to fight organics, such as fats, oils, grease, and protein.

Fully Chlorine-Intolerant

Can endure aggressive cleaning without wear and tear

Runs at Low Pressure

Runs at low pressure by not removing salt, sugar, alcohol’s or other small molecules.

Replaces Biological Systems

Replace biological systems or coagulation/flocculation processes commonly used to treat organics.


Description of our cleaning difference from regular membranes.

  • Incremental loss
  • Short lifespans from degradation
  • Compromised performance