Clean water from every source.

The only membranes engineered to reliably produce

clean water from highfouling environments.  

Paving the way for affordable water and wastewater treatment and reuse.
ZwitterCo membranes enable customers to treat and reuse even the most difficult streams. Water is not just a nice-to-have sustainability goal – it’s a license to operate.


Implement high-quality treatment to stay below your organic discharge limits.

Water Reuse
Meet and exceed your sustainability goals with permeate that is easy to reuse.

Process Efficiency

Less time and chemicals are needed for cleaning, allowing more time to run your operations.

Product Recovery

Isolate valuable compounds using membranes with precise, size-based rejection.

Our Products


Our patented, zwitterionic membranes can handle unprecedented levels of oil and grease without irreversible fouling, recovering full performance.

RO Early Access

The only brackish water RO membrane that reduces cleaning frequency by up to 90% and significantly decreases downtime.

Cutting-edge chemistry

Our zwitterionic materials produce hydrophilic (“water-loving”) polymeric membranes that are durable and resistant to fouling.

They clean easily and last longer than membranes made from traditional chemistries. We optimize water treatment and organic separations so you can reclaim the full value of your resources while reducing maintenance and overhead costs.

ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes stacked
ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes stacked

Bioprocessing, digestate from RNG production, food processing

We provide our industry partners and technology integrators with membrane products that can handle a range of organic compounds, including fats, oils, proteins, complex sugars, starches, and more.

This is the greatest membrane the world has ever seen.

Robert Levine
Digested Organics

ZwitterCo membranes enabled us to achieve our promise to bring clean, sustainable chemistry to every industry.


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