500 billion gallons per day of industrial / agricultural wastewater is generated globally.

40% Shortfall

A 40% freshwater shortfall around the world is predicted by the year 2030.

70% of Impact

70% of the financial impact of climate change is expected to be experienced through the water cycle.

Our Water is in Crisis

We are consuming our clean, "conventional" water resources to depletion.

Food & Beverage

Power Generation




Critical Mineral Recovery

And Countless More

Polluted Seas

Industrial Waste

ZwitterCo is on a Mission

We are on a mission to generate clean water from every source.

ZwitterCo is developing solutions that enable global companies to affordably filter and convert unconventional water resources (such as wastewater or novel sources of water previously inaccessible) into clean water and to build resiliency in our global food, energy, and manufacturing systems.


Established Membrane Process

Maximize clean water production and operational reliability in existing water purification systems. Our membranes are a plug & play solution for Established Membrane Processes facing downtime, high chemical costs, short membrane life, and other challenges from organic fouling or biofouling.


New Membrane Process

Enable water reuse and waste-to-revenue for the first time in essential, water-stressed industries. Our membranes are unlocking New Membrane Processes where sustainable water management infrastructure can be built for water and wastewater applications that were previously impossible.