Eliminate surcharges from sewer disposal and protect your operations from unplanned downtime


Invest in infrastructure that can adapt to process changes and site expansions

Ensure Compliance& Reduce Risk

Unresolved violations can result in serious operating penalties; future-proof your operations from tightening discharge regulations.

Future-Proof Your Operations

Municipal or environmental discharge is the primary destination for >90% of industrial wastewaters.

Many discharge permits are based not only on the volume of wastewater disposal, but of the constituents in that waste, like fats, oils, and grease (FOG), biological or chemical oxygen demand (BOD / COD), nutrient profile (NPK), suspended solids (TSS), and dissolved solids (TDS).

If a wastewater treatment facility is struggling with compliance or expensive disposal fees, investing in advanced wastewater treatment may reduce risk and yield strong savings.

Additionally, investing in advanced treatment with ZwitterCo opens the door to future sustainability and waste valorization projects, and future-proofs operations against tightening permit requirements.

Filter out  fat 

to make clean water
from every source.

Introducing the world’s only membranes engineered to create clean water from high fouling environments.

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Remove Bulk Organics

Remove tough to fight organics, such as fats, oils, grease, and protein.

Fully Chlorine-Intolerant

Can endure aggressive cleaning without wear and tear

Runs at Low Pressure

Runs at low pressure by not removing salt, sugar, alcohol’s or other small molecules.

Replaces Biological Systems

Replace biological systems or coagulation/flocculation processes commonly used to treat organics.


Description of our cleaning difference from regular membranes.

Incremental loss
Short lifespans from degradation
Compromised performance