With ZwitterCo RO membranes, enjoy less downtime, fewer cleanings, decreased chemical usage, and significantly reduced waste hauling.

Longer Element Life

Cleaning kills membranes. Minimal chemical use ensures stable rejection performance for years. ZwitterCo RO will help you meet your permeate quality targets.

Better Plant Operation

No more system upsets or headaches due to fouling. Stable operation with minimal downtime allows you to meet your production volume targets.

Restore Performance

Biology and other organic material cannot stick to and grow on the zwitterionic membrane surface, and cleaning will easily restore performance.

Reimagine your RO Elements

ZwitterCo RO elements come in industry-standard sizes, just like you’re used to. No new equipment or system modifications are required to implement this technology. Simply install it and operate it like you would any other RO  but it performs better and requires less maintenance.

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Filter out  fat 

to make clean water
from every source.

Introducing the world’s only membranes engineered to create clean water from high fouling environments.

ZwitterCo Reverse Osmosis

A Paradigm Shift in Membranes

ZwitterCo developed the industry’s first brackish water reverse osmosis membranes to use zwitterionic technology to deliver unprecedented fouling resistance. Our reverse osmosis elements offer the most stable performance on high-fouling streams and can be fully restored with either a water flush or a mild cleaning, resulting in at least twice the membrane life.

ZwitterCo RO is designed to replace traditional reverse osmosis membranes that are struggling with biofouling or organic fouling from surface water or wastewater feed sources. A simple drop-in replacement can lower operating costs and cleaning frequency by up to 90% and allow systems to operate at maximum capacity with minimal downtime.

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ZwitterCo RO Element Data Sheets

High Rejection





Are you struggling with issues regarding your current RO membranes and cleaning cycles?



Learn how you can reduce unplanned downtime.


Reduce Cleaning

Learn how you can reduce your membrane cleaning frequency.

Mott Case Study

 Speak with our engineers to discover ways that ZwitterCo can support positive changes at your plant. With our help, you can  reduce your hauling and avoid heavy OPEX spend on plant expansion.

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Industrial Wastewater Reuse

ZwitterCo has only polymeric membranes that can filter high strength organic streams without rapid and irreversible fouling. More description here to describe the kind of solutions we offer for NMP.

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Challenging Surface Water Treatment

Write a description about how we solve challenging surface water treatment problems. EMP for pure water.

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High Value Protein & Co-Product Separation

Write copy about our solution for protein bioprocessing co-product creation – EMP Process.

ZwitterCo Reverse Osmosis Chart 5 Months

Over the first five months of operation, the first stage of the train housing the conventional fouling-resistant RO elements repeatedly declined in performance. Because of this, the plant had to shut down and clean these elements three separate times in effort to restore membrane performance. Despite these cleanings, the conventional RO elements have not fully recovered performance. The ZwitterCo RO elements on the other hand, have demonstrated more stable performance and have consistently operated at 10% higher normalized permeate flow than the conventional elements. This shows that ZwitterCo RO elements are far less susceptible to organic fouling and therefore will require less frequent cleaning, resulting in longer operational life and reduced element replacement.

RO Success Story

The Challenge

A power plant in the Pacific Northwest of the United States treating river water for boiler makeup is confronting ongoing issues with frequent maintenance and downtime. Despite installing conventional fouling-resistant reverse osmosis elements, this plant averages chemical cleanings at least once a month due to persistent organic fouling challenges. Additionally, the RO elements undergo replacement every 12 to 18 months when they fail to meet the plant’s performance standards. This cycle of high cleaning frequency and element replacement has led the plant to seek a new solution.

ZwitterCo RO Membrane Success

After over 5 months of operation at a power plant in the Pacific Northwest, ZwitterCo Low Energy RO elements have demonstrated more stable performance without requiring cleaning. In fact, they are consistently operating at 10% higher normalized permeate flow than competitive elements…even after being exposed to an upstream upset!

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Remove Bulk Organics

Remove tough to fight organics, such as fats, oils, grease, and protein.

Fully Chlorine-Intolerant

Can endure aggressive cleaning without wear and tear

Runs at Low Pressure

Runs at low pressure by not removing salt, sugar, alcohol’s or other small molecules.

Replaces Biological Systems

Replace biological systems or coagulation/flocculation processes commonly used to treat organics.


Description of our cleaning difference from regular membranes.

  • Incremental loss
  • Short lifespans from degradation
  • Compromised performance

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