Introducing: ZwitterCo RO Early Access Program

The First RO Membrane that Reduces Cleaning Frequency by up to 90%

ZwitterCo developed the industry’s very first fouling-immune brackish water reverse osmosis element with a lower rate of fouling and the possibility of restoring performance using only a water flush. Lower your operating costs with as much as a 90% reduction in cleaning frequency.

Early Access Program 

Is your RO system distressed? Are you cleaning more than once a month? 

The ZwitterCo Early Access program will help you solve your RO challenges by offering: 

  • Access before commercial launch

  • Special pricing/terms

  • Some involvement in ZwitterCo’s technology development program

  • Insight into future developments

  • Technical review

  • System diagnostics

  • Analysis of cleaning

Benefits of ZwitterCo Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Reduce OPEX

Lower cleaning costs and system downtime due to decreased cleaning frequency.

No CAPEX Required

No system modifications required; fast and easy drop-in replacement.

Experience longer element life

A permanent barrier to fouling reduces exposure to cleaning chemicals and extends membrane life.

Achieve sustainability & safety goals

Decrease chemical use and handling and generate less wastewater to treat.

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