ZwitterCo, the advanced membrane technology company, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Jennifer Rehder as the company’s new vice president of operations. With its breakthrough zwitterionic membrane technology, ZwitterCo enables industries to reuse their previously unrecoverable wastewater. The company’s membranes offer a cost-effective and reliable path for industries to achieve water security, building resilience in global manufacturing, food, and energy systems.

As an expert in developing and leading world-class membrane manufacturing centers, Rehder will drive the expansion of ZwitterCo’s operations function and support the company’s global commercial growth. Rehder’s appointment is part of ZwitterCo’s continued investment in R&D and product expansion, all aimed at making water reuse practical and economical for industries and agriculture.

“ZwitterCo is making critical advancements in water technology at a time when the commercial viability of industrial water treatment and reuse has never been more important,” said Rehder. “Joining ZwitterCo means being part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of membrane innovation.”

Most recently, Rehder was vice president of manufacturing and engineering at Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co., where she led the planning and execution of manufacturing and engineering objectives. Before this, she held a pivotal role as the site and production leader at DuPont, where she led an expansive operations organization that delivered quality products globally, was responsible for long-term operational planning, and worked closely with a cross-functional site leadership team to drive successful business growth.

Jennifer Rehder, VP of Operations

“ZwitterCo has an enormous opportunity for scale, both in our product development and in our ability to help our customers reach their ambitious water security goals,” said Alex Rappaport, CEO and co-founder of ZwitterCo. “Jeni not only has the proven expertise in scaling membrane technology and manufacturing operations at the highest level, but she is a heartfelt, roll-up-your-sleeves leader with a vision for the production strategies that will allow us to play our part in addressing the global water crisis.”

Rehder’s appointment demonstrates the company’s momentum in treating historically unfilterable water streams. ZwitterCo has achieved several other milestones this year, including announcing its Early Access Program for the world’s first organic fouling-immune reverse osmosis membrane, winning the breakthrough technology company of the year category during the Global Water Awards, and partnering with Mott Corporation. In addition to these company milestones, ZwitterCo has delivered more than six million gallons per day of treatment capacity in agriculture, food/beverage, landfills, and bioprocessing.

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About ZwitterCo

ZwitterCo’s membranes solve the most complex separation challenges, providing industries with the tools for advanced wastewater treatment and water reuse. The company leverages Zwitterions’ remarkable power to build membranes immune to irreversible fouling, enabling years of operating life in hard-to-treat streams that would ruin conventional membranes in hours. ZwitterCo’s products are used in digestates, leachates, and various food & beverage wastewaters. The company has been recognized as Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Summit and by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation as a leader in clean water technologies. For more information, visit