An Economical & Reliable Solution for Landfill Leachate

A Compact Solution for Leachate

Landfill leachate is generated when rainwater and waste fluids collect at the bottom of a landfill. Leachate must be managed through careful treatment and disposal to prevent groundwater or surface water contamination.  

ZwitterCo provides a core technology within the world’s leading integrated solutions for treating landfill leachate.

Our membranes extract tough-to-treat compounds from leachate so that connected desalination and thermal treatment technologies operate efficiently, making it affordable to produce clean and reusable water, or to discharge safely to the environment.


three jars showing produced water treated by ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes

Benefits of ZwitterCo’s Superfiltration (SF) Membranes

Reduce offsite hauling

Concentrating leachate with membranes can reduce hauling volumes by 80% or more 

Reduce evaporator needs

Concentrating leachate prior to evaporation can reduce evaporator footprint and energy consumption 

Improve sustainability

Reusing water for dust control and reducing hauling can decrease carbon intensity score

Reliable and economical treatment

Our membranes maintain consistent performance in leachate streams with notoriously inconsistent quality

Operate reverse osmosis at high recovery

Superfiltration is the tightest available pretreatment for reverse osmosis, leading to longer membrane life 

ZwitterCo’s Unique Technology

Our patented superfiltration membrane is ideal as a pretreatment to reverse osmosis or thermal treatment technologies by removing problematic foulants such as TSS, COD, and oil and grease. 

Unlike biological systems, which are prone to upsets from inconsistent leachate quality and variable flow rates, SF maintains consistent performance.

ZwitterCo Membrane Technology Improves Performance

  • Handles 50,000 ppm (5%) FOG
  • 99+% retention of FOG, proteins, and solids > 1nm
  • Demonstrated to handle over 25,000 ppm COD
  • Achieves up to 85% water recovery combined with RO
  • Provides ideal pretreatment for desalination steps
  • Generates very highquality permeate
  • High chemical tolerance
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