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The Only Reverse Osmosis Membrane That Can Reduce Cleaning Frequency by up to 90%

ZwitterCo developed the industry’s first brackish water reverse osmosis membranes that use organic fouling-immune zwitterionic technology to deliver unprecedented fouling resistance. Our reverse osmosis elements offer the most stable performance on high-fouling streams and can be fully restored with either a water flush or a mild cleaning, resulting in longer membrane life.

ZwitterCo RO is designed to replace traditional reverse osmosis membranes that are struggling with biofouling or organic fouling from surface water or wastewater feed sources. A simple drop-in replacement can lower operating costs and cleaning frequency by up to 90% and allow systems to operate at maximum capacity with minimal downtime.

ZwitterCo RO is currently available through our RO Early Access Program.  Learn more about the Early Access Program below.

ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes stacked

Why Choose ZwitterCo?


Less downtime, less cleaning, less chemicals, less waste hauling.


Cleaning kills membranes. Minimal chemical use ensures stable rejection performance for years. ZwitterCo RO will help you meet your permeate quality targets.


No more system upsets / headaches due to fouling. Stable operation with minimal downtime allows you to meet your production volume targets. 


Biology and other organic material cannot stick to and grow on the zwitterionic technology, and cleaning will easily restore performance.


ZwitterCo RO elements come in industry-standard sizes, just like you’re used to. No new equipment or system modifications required to implement this technology. Simply install it and operate it like you would any other RO – but it performs better and requires less maintenance.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Products

  • High rejection and low energy membrane chemistries
  • ZwitterCo RO membranes integrate organic fouling-immune technology with commercial brackish water reverse osmosis membranes
  • High pressure elements designed for wastewaters with high osmotic pressure and first pass of two-pass MLD/ZLD systems
  • All fiberglass elements built with 34-mil feed spacers
  • Polisher elements intended for water recovery in food plants and are full-fit design
  • All elements offered in industry-standard dimensions
ZwitterCo RO test data
High Rejection
Low Energy
High Pressure

Join Our Early Access Program

Is your reverse osmosis system distressed? Are you cleaning more than once a month? Are you cleaning at least once a month or experiencing system performance issues due to organic fouling?

The ZwitterCo RO Early Access program will help you solve your reverse osmosis challenges by offering:

  • Exclusive access before commercial launch
  • Special pricing and terms
  • Tier 1 technical and operational support
  • Direct access to our product team