Reverse osmosis (RO) technology has been revolutionary in water treatment, assisting in the treatment of wastewater, the desalination of seawater, and much more. However, despite its effectiveness, traditional RO membranes are still prone to issues like organic fouling and biofouling.  These challenges can substantially impact operational efficiency and lead to increased maintenance costs over time. It’s time for a next-generation RO membrane that tackles these issues head-on.


Reinventing RO: Why ZwitterCo RO?

ZwitterCo RO membranes use organic fouling-immune zwitterionic technology to deliver unprecedented fouling resistance – a groundbreaking approach in the treatment of brackish water.

What is Zwitterionic Technology?

A zwitterion is a molecule that has both a positively and a negatively charged group in close proximity. These charges pull water to the zwitterion while repelling organic components. By linking these zwitterions together with a strong backbone, we create an extremely hydrophilic or “water loving” technology that prevents organic components from adhering to its surface. These unique features make zwitterionic technology very useful in various applications—including water treatment.

ZwitterCo RO uses zwitterionic technology to create an impenetrable water barrier that prevents organic material from sticking to the membranes, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and in turn extending membrane life. With ZwitterCo RO, cleaning frequency can be reduced by up to 90%, cutting operational costs while still guaranteeing reliable RO performance.

“Not Your Grandpa’s RO”

Traditional RO membranes often require aggressive cleaning regimes, which, in turn, pose risks to membrane integrity and longevity. The unique zwitterionic chemistry serves as a permanent barrier to irreversible organic fouling, offering the most stable performance on high-fouling streams and can be fully restored with either a water flush or a mild cleaning, resulting in at least twice the water membrane life.

ZwitterCo RO is revolutionizing water treatment, offering many benefits over traditional RO membranes.

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How to Get Involved – ZwitterCo RO Early Access Program

Does ZwitterCo RO sound like the answer to your water treatment needs? The Early Access Program is the perfect way to get hands-on experience with this innovative technology.

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The ZwitterCo Early Access Program will help you solve your RO challenges by offering things such as:

  • Access before commercial launch
  • Special pricing/terms
  • Some involvement in ZwitterCo’s technology development program
  • Insight into future developments
  • Technical review
  • System diagnostics
  • Analysis of cleaning

By providing fouling solutions for water filtration and being the only RO membrane that can reduce cleaning frequency by up to 90%, ZwitterCo RO offers an innovative solution that sets a new standard for RO membranes. This marks a significant step towards a water treatment system that is safer, sustainable, and more efficient in the long run.