Concentrating Protein? Cut CIP Costs in Half

How Many Steps in a “Four-Step” Membrane CIP?

Seems like a silly question. Or a riddle. But when the flushing steps are counted, typical membrane cleaning programs become 11 steps or more. That’s a lot of water and wastewater to treat.

Sustainability…At Lower Cost 

ZwitterCo is now implementing our fouling-immune technology and designing sanitary products specific for food, dairy, and beverage processes that enable a daily 1-step clean plus sanitization.

A simple drop-in replacement will cut cleaning costs by >50% by reducing chemicals, make-up water, wastewater, and energy. Additionally, chlorine is not required to restore membrane performance.

Use ZwitterCo’s economic savings tools to model the potential savings in your systems. Download today!

Benefits of ZwitterCo Membranes

Reduce OPEX

Lower chemical costs, reduced wastewater costs, and less energy required.

No CAPEX Required

No system modifications required; fast and easy drop-in replacement.


Less water required, decrease chemical usage, and clean without chlorine.

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