ZwitterCo, the advanced membrane technology company, today announced their partnership with Digested Organics as a channel partner in North America to provide solutions to challenges in the digestate market. Digested Organics offers advanced filtration solutions in nutrient management, water reclamation, and product concentration and clarification.

The two companies entered the symbiotic channel partnership to help introduce their new technologies to a market that is experiencing high cost of offsite hauling, strict nutrient regulations, and frustrating land application practices. Digested Organics provides digester operators and farmers with its Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation (NCWR)™ System, which combines multiple unique filtration solutions to reclaim about 50% of digestate as clean water and the remainder as a high value organic fertilizer. ZwitterCo membranes play a key role in the NCWR System by providing cost-effective removal of suspended solids and organic molecules that would otherwise foul downstream processes.

“We are pleased to partner with Digested Organics as we work to provide a new nutrient concentration option to decrease digestate management costs while increasing sustainability,” said Peter Ingarra, Vice President of Sales for ZwitterCo. “Our breakthrough membranes can handle more than 50,000 ppm (5%) of fats, oil, and grease while remaining immune to irreversible organic fouling, which makes them a good fit for applications like liquid digestate.”

Installing ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes in the innovative system offered by Digested Organics makes the combined process more economical and reliable, which helps the market address their pain points and improve their businesses.

“Digested Organics has a unique vision of wastewater treatment, with a focus on organics and nutrient recovery, as well as producing a high-quality water for reuse,” said David Faber, Senior Vice President of Sales at Digested Organics. “We are here to help the growing anaerobic digestion industry with new solutions for digestate management and could not envision a better partner than ZwitterCo to help make our aspirations a reality.”  

About ZwitterCo

ZwitterCo’s breakthrough membrane technology enables filtration for the most challenging separations. The company leverages the remarkable power of zwitterions to create an intensely hydrophilic membrane that resists fouling from organic molecules such as fats, oils, and proteins. The unique properties of their membranes give a pathway into the next generation of water treatment, precision separation, and resource recapture. ZwitterCo has been recognized by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center as a leader among clean water technologies. For more information, visit

About Digested Organics

Digested Organics empowers businesses to Reclaim Waste™. We use cutting-edge filtration solutions to convert organic wastes, such as manure, digestate, food & beverage manufacturing wastes, and other high strength wastewaters, into clean water, concentrated co-products, and when possible, renewable energy. Through customized filtration solutions, we can create conventional products with less waste or new products made possible by unique membrane separations. For more information, visit