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ZwitterCo works with industrial operators and integration companies looking for alternatives to their distressed filtration systems, chemically intensive processes, or processes that cannot achieve desired discharge or reuse quality. Our membranes capture most soluble, and all insoluble, organic compounds without jeopardizing lifespan or performance.

  1. Bioprocessing

    High-yield concentration of extracellular proteins and oils or residuals removal from fermentation processes.

  2. Digestate

    Highly-efficient treatment of manure and farm run-off for clean water generation and nutrient recovery.

  3. Food and beverage

    Chemical-free effluent polishing to ensure compliant discharge or sanitary reuse of wastewater.

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Our approach to collaborations is flexible. We can work directly with the engineering and operations teams that manage industrial facilities, as well as the engineering firms that design, implement and service treatment projects. One-size-fits-all solutions do not exist. We work with complementary technology providers for both upstream bulk solids treatment and downstream desalination processes to achieve the best performing and most efficient solution.

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