Treat Produced Water with Unique Membrane Technology

Finding a Solution for Produced Water

With over 10 billion gallons of produced water generated per day globally, improving the water footprint of oil and gas operations could have an immense impact on water and energy security.

ZwitterCo provides a core technology within the world’s leading integrated solutions for treating produced water.

ZwitterCo’s membranes extract hydrocarbons and residual fine solids, including macro dissolved compounds, producing a clean stream that can be easily polished with downstream desalination or brine concentration technologies.  


three jars showing produced water treated by ZwitterCo superfiltration membranes

Benefits of ZwitterCo Superfiltration Membranes

Beneficial reuse

ZwitterCo’s membranes enable cost-effective desalination processes, generating water that is eligible for reuse outside of the oilfield

Improve residual hydrocarbon yield

Membranes provide a chemical-free concentration of residual hydrocarbons

Low maintenance and chemical demand

Our membranes can be cleaned and maintained via remote automation, using generic cleaning chemicals 

Maximize sustainability

Less freshwater drawdown and lower hauling emissions from more efficient produced water management 

ZwitterCo’s Unique Technology

The membrane can handle unprecedented levels of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in the stream, protecting downstream TDS removal technologies. Removing the oil, grease, and complex organics from produced water allows downstream desalination technologies to be more effective.

ZwitterCo Membrane Technology Improves Performance

  • Handles 50,000 ppm (5%) FOG
  • 99+% retention of FOG, proteins, and solids > 1nm
  • Achieves up to 95% water recovery (20x concentration)
  • Provides ideal pretreatment for desalination steps
  • High TDS tolerance (>100,000 mg/L)
  • High chemical tolerance
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