A Better Way to Manage Digestate

Beyond Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

New membrane technology is at the heart of nutrient recovery. The leading digestate management solutions create value from the leftover water and nutrients after RNG production.

ZwitterCo’s superfiltration membranes help transition away from hauling and land application, paving a path to the future of sustainable digestate management.

manure digestate jars showing permeate, concentrate, and more

Benefits of ZwitterCo Superfiltration Membranes

Reduce off-site hauling

Reduce digestate volumes and transportation costs by 50-70% with membrane-based solutions

Recover and concentrate nutrients

Our membranes concentrate NPK for organic fertilizer, The small volume of concentrate allows for easy winter storage and resale over ideal growing seasons

Improve sustainability

Improve permitting and compliance

ZwitterCo’s Unique Technology

ZwitterCo provides a core technology within the world’s leading integrated solutions for digestate management. Our membranes extract tough-to-treat compounds from digestate so that downstream desalination and nutrient recovery technologies operate efficiently, making it affordable to produce organic fertilizers and reusable water.

ZwitterCo Membrane Technology Improves Performance

  • Handles digestate streams with over 35,000 ppm COD
  • 99+% retention of FOG, proteins, and solids > 1nm
  • Achieves up to 95% water recovery (20x concentration)
  • Provides ideal pretreatment for reverse osmosis
  • Generates very highquality permeate
  • Low energy requirements
Manure Digestate Partner – North America

Digested Organics, a Mott company, is our partner for North America.

Discover how superfiltration can make a difference with your anaerobic digester.