Treating High-Strength Dairy Wastewater

Economical and Reliable Treatment for High-Strength Dairy Wastewater

High-strength dairy wastewater can be very hard to treat, especially using spiral-wound membranes. Dairy processing facilities are looking for economical, reliable, and environmentally sustainable technologies.

ZwitterCo provides a novel technology for removing FOG (fats, oils, and grease) from high-strength dairy wastewater. ZwitterCo’s spiral membranes have an unprecedented ability to capture and remove FOG without irreversible organic fouling, eliminating the need for biological or chemical-based processes to achieve wastewater objectives. 


Benefits of ZwitterCo’s Superfiltration (SF) Membranes

Avoid surcharges and site violations

ZwitterCo membranes can meet discharge limits based on suspended solids or FOG limits

Reduce expensive chemistry

Eliminate coagulant or polymer loading from dissolved air flotation treatment

Reduce costly wastewater hauling

Integrating superfiltration and reverse osmosis can reduce hauling volumes by 50% or more

Expand capacity with small footprint

Membrane processes are some of the most space-saving and footprint-flexible unit operations

Achieve sustainability goals

Generate reuse-quality water & reduce freshwater consumption

ZwitterCo’s Unique Technology

A membrane-based solution can help meet discharge goals or unlock onsite water reuse, while reducing the volume of waste disposed of offsite.

ZwitterCo’s patented technology goes where no membrane has gone before.

ZwitterCo’s Membrane Technology Improves Performance

  • Handles 50,000ppm fats, oils, and grease (up to 5%)
  • 99+% retention of FOG, proteins, and solids > 1nm
  • Achieves up to 95% water recovery (20x concentration)
  • Provides ideal pretreatment for reverse osmosis
  • Generates very highquality permeate
  • Fastest and least expensive cleaning in the industry
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