Maximizing the Value of Your Fermentation Process

Bioprocessing is the practice of manufacturing novel products and materials – such as biofuels, textiles, alternative meats, specialty chemicals, and more – from a biological source, often by fermenting specially-tailored microbes.

The extraction of bio-manufactured compounds often requires complex, multi-step processes. Not only can these processes be expensive, but the resulting media losses and waste streams also can account for a substantial portion of the total manufacturing costs. 

ZwitterCo provides a core technology within the world’s leading integrated solutions for recycling fermentation and CIP wastewater, as well as converting waste nutrients and proteins into valuable feedstocks.

Benefits of ZwitterCo Superfiltration

Maximize sustainability

Enable water reuse, reduce water footprint, secure future water availability, and reduce utility costs

Eliminate air permitting challenges

Organic material can be concentrated without being biologically converted into gaseous emmissions

Generate new revenue streams

Concentrated organic material can be repurposed as high-protein feedstocks or other co-products

Maximize space efficiency

A modular filtration system helps minimize footprint requirements, allowing room for plant expansion

ZwitterCo’s Unique Technology

ZwitterCo’s membranes extract and concentrate fermentation residuals from wastewater so that downstream desalination technologies operate efficiently, making it affordable to reuse water and maximize the sustainability footprint of industrial bioprocesses. 

ZwitterCo Membrane Technology Improves Performance

  • Handles 50,000 ppm (5%) FOG
  • 99+% retention of FOG, proteins, and solids > 1nm
  • Achieves up to 99% water recovery (100x concentration)
  • Handles more than 25,000 ppm COD
  • Provides ideal pretreatment for desalination steps
  • Generates very high quality permeate
  • High chemical tolerance
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