A new era of water scarcityneeds new technology.

ZwitterCo is building a brand-new class of membranes to unlock new value from industrial water and wastewater. Our advanced filtration technology enables previously unattainable water reuse and co-product valorization from hard-to-treat streams. We are proud to bring our unique technology to market in partnership with solution providers that share our commitment for tackling critical, global water challenges.

Together, we’re shaping the future of water resilience and adaptation.

Our Industries

Food & Beverage
Produced Water
Landfill Leachate
Water Filtration Membranes

Partner with Us

Our partner program is designed for the industry’s most innovative system integrators and solution providers.

We enable our partners to deliver highly sought-after filtration solutions for the toughest industrial water challenges.

We work with complementary technology providers to achieve the best-performing and most efficient solutions.

We are currently working with a select group of business partners.

Interested in joining our partner program? Let’s talk.

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