Membranes that are built to last

Our membrane elements
Our membranes are available in a wide variety of standard dimension spiral-wound elements for commercial installation or piloting. These membranes naturally resist fouling and can be cleaned without harsh chemicals, resulting in lower operating costs, fewer replacements, and less downtime.

Historically, membranes have been unable to treat the toughest industrial wastewaters. ZwitterCo’s patented zwitterionic membranes are changing things for industrial water reuse.

In extended pilot studies of various difficult-to-treat wastewaters, ZwitterCo’s superfiltration membranes aced the test and produced unprecedented results.


How we’re different
ZwitterCo’s membranes can last for years in streams that would ruin other membrane products in days or weeks.

Fats, oils, and proteins? Not a problem.

Our membranes process fluids from industries like biofuels and meat & poultry that have 500-50,000 mg/L of fats, oils, grease, and protein and will still fully recover flux upon cleaning.

Clean with chlorine

Our membranes can handle extreme concentrations (e.g. >500,000 ppm-hours) of chemicals like chlorine, peracetic acid, and aqueous ammonia, as well as a wide range of pH.

Fast, reliable membrane recovery

Traditional membranes can take hours of cycling between different chemical solutions to clean properly. ZwitterCo’s membranes regularly clean in under one hour and fully recover even after severe fouling events.

Ethanol Stillage





Enabling Sustainability with ZwitterCo Membranes
Our membranes make it possible to treat historically challenging wastewater streams. We enable customers to manage and recover value from water, transforming waste from a cost to a benefit.
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