ZwitterCo launched a revamped website with a new design and additional content. An early-stage membrane company, ZwitterCo is passionate about sustainability and helps companies achieve their goals by creating opportunities to recover water and valuable products from the world’s toughest streams.

The company offers spiral-wound membrane products that can handle fats, oils, grease and protein without irreversible fouling. The membranes fully recover performance after just water washes and short maintenance cleans of an hour or less. The updated website includes pages on specific applications where their products make a difference, such as bioprocessing. There is also information on a new class of membranes: superfiltration.

“Our website will showcase the possibilities unlocked for tough streams when using ZwitterCo membrane. We are excited to bring such a powerful solution to industries who have typically have difficult wastewater to treat – especially those with oils at concentrations that would ruin standard membranes in days,” said Jon Goodman, Vice President Market Strategy at ZwitterCo.

You can visit the new website and learn more about ZwitterCo membranes at


About ZwitterCo, Inc.

ZwitterCo’s breakthrough membrane technology enables filtration for the most challenging separations. The company leverages the remarkable power of zwitterions to create an intensely hydrophilic membrane that resists fouling from organics molecules such as fats, oils, and proteins. The unique properties of their membranes give a pathway into the next generation of water treatment, precision separation, and resource recapture. ZwitterCo has been recognized by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center as a leader among clean water technologies. For more information, visit