Total Re-Haul of Manure Digestate Treatment

ZwitterCo superfiltration (SF) membranes enable an economical, reliable, and sustainable transition away from hauling and pave a path to the future of digestate management. As the number of anaerobic digesters continue to grow globally, so does the need for better technologies to manage digestate.

Land spreading regulations are becoming stricter and as a result, large volumes of digestate need to be hauled off-site. This is both costly and carbon intensive.

ZwitterCo is addressing these challenges by reducing the overall volume of digestate, concentrating valuable nutrients, and producing clean water for reuse or safe disposal.

Benefits of ZwitterCo Superfiltration


Reduce off-site hauling and generate revenue stream from concentrated fertilizers


SF removes organics that foul RO to maximize efficiency and uptime


Clean water produced can be used onsite or safely discharged

Why Choose ZwitterCo SF Over Hauling

ZwitterCo SF membranes are a great choice for companies who want to take their nutrient management practices to the next level.

  1. Eliminate or reduce hauling

  2. Reduce volume to be spread on land

  3. More storage capacity on-site

  4. Improve Carbon Intensity score

  5. Revenue from high-value organic fertilizer sales

Before/After Cleaning Membrane

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