IFAT Munich 2024 is the premier event for water, sewage, waste, and raw materials management. It’s where companies providing products and services across the entire waste industry show up under one roof (more accurately, several connected roofs covering a staggering 300,000 square meters of exhibition space) to connect with customers, partners, and prospects.

Key Numbers from IFAT Munich 2024


In fact, more than three thousand exhibitors participated in the landmark event. This year, for the first time, ZwitterCo numbered among them. Should we even mention the herculean task the public transit network was challenged with when 142,000 visitors traveled to and from the exhibition grounds? The team often clocked 20,000 steps or more each day on this journey and walking through the many halls of the show floor.

The ZwitterCo team at IFAT Munich 2024, showcasing our zwitterionic membranes.
The ZwitterCo team at IFAT Munich 2024, showcasing our zwitterionic membranes.

Our team of experts spent five days working in our booth, making connections with partners and customers in their booths, and being inspired by and networking with many knowledgeable water and wastewater industry professionals.

As we reflected in the days and weeks following IFAT, it was obvious that it was well worth our investment to display our zwitterionic superfiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.

What were our takeaways?

Water Management Solutions

The event presented cutting-edge technologies for water purification, desalination, and wastewater reuse. These innovations aim to address global water scarcity and pollution challenges, emphasizing efficient and sustainable water management​. While the show is focused on wastewater, we found that many of our visitors wanted to discuss our new reverse osmosis (RO) product offerings for a variety of applications. More than half of our conversations in the booth included RO.

Climate Resilience and Sustainability

IFAT Munich highlighted strategies for climate resilience (we’ve been seeing sponge cities mentioned in the news lately) and improved water management systems to handle extreme weather conditions. The fair also covered sustainable management practices to minimize environmental impacts through resource efficiency and reuse​. Resource recovery continues to be a hot topic, as does water reuse, with our customers and partners. What if we could transform a cost into a benefit and waste into a useful product? It’s possible with several applications using ZwitterCo membranes, for example.

Digital Transformation

The show underscored the importance of digitalization in the water and wastewater industry, showcasing best practices and advanced digital tools like augmented reality and AI-based monitoring systems. These technologies aim to enhance efficiency and resilience in environmental management​. While it wasn’t a huge topic at the show, more and more companies are integrating versions of AI into other parts of the business, such as marketing.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

IFAT Munich provided a platform for professionals from around the world to share knowledge, forge partnerships, and initiate future projects. The event featured numerous workshops, seminars, and presentations by industry leaders, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation​​. In our observations, the presentations located in the middle of the exhibition floor do better at a trade fair such as IFAT than if the organizers tuck them away in meeting rooms. Everything happens on the show floor and at the events following show hours.

Impact on Global Environmental Policy

An event like this should facilitate dialogue between political decision-makers and industry representatives to develop and implement sustainable environmental policies. This collaboration would create frameworks that support both economic and ecological goals, advancing global environmental objectives​ such as UN directives.

Final Thoughts on IFAT Munich 2024

This event is targeted to water and wastewater professionals and those who use our products and services. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that there is room for growth in sharing the story and solution for a water positive future. Every day, there are stories of water scarcity, drought, and food shortages across the globe. The 10 largest cities in the world will face Day Zero events if the status quo is maintained. There is an onus on the water industry to bring new technology to the market and speed up adoption. Events like IFAT Munich are a start, but we also need to bring the narrative to the public.

IFAT Munich demonstrates its critical role in advancing environmental technologies and sustainable practices globally with a show that is both comprehensive and forward-looking in nature. We look forward to exhibiting at IFAT Munich in 2026!

ZwitterCo employees in the ZwitterCo booth at IFAT Munich 2024.