Manufacturing Production Specialist
Overview of Role
ZwitterCo is seeking an experienced Manufacturing Production Specialist to join our expanding manufacturing team. This person will be part of a team charged with scaling and maturing our in-house production operations.

The ideal candidate has a history of working with various capital equipment intensive operations like roll-to-roll coating systems, industrial filter construction equipment, and finished product testing stations, all while holding a commitment to product quality as the highest priority.

Key to this role is prior hands-on experience setting up, performing pre-run readiness checks, assisting the group supervisor during production runs, and assuring prescribed quality checks are adhered to.

ZwitterCo has advanced the state of the art of membrane-based filtration performance across a range of industries and has set an equally high standard for the production specialist’s role. This role will be on the forefront of innovation working with the ZwitterCo R&D team as new product designs are tested, as well as producing customer shippable products.

Candidates who thrive in a fast paced, self-critical, growth environments are particularly encouraged to apply.


The Manufacturing Production Specialist will be responsible to support day-to-day membrane and assembled element production. This includes equipment set-up, process readiness reviews, work-in-process material movements, process and product record creation, and overall readiness of the production work cells.

This role will be assigned by the team supervisor to production cells and tasks as needed to fulfill production schedules. As such, this person will be cross-trained on membrane coating and element construction equipment and processes.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist with pre-run inspections and ensure process equipment is fit for use, job process parameters are identified and validated, materials have been inspected and approved for use, and all personnel and safety controls are in place
  • Participate in membrane coating production runs and ensure product quality meets prescribed standards. Enter production run data into prescribed databases
  • As part of the production team, work with R&D, execute trial runs, and provide process and product feedback to further the investigation and refinement of future products
  • Provide feedback on production run performance to area supervisor and contribute to post-run quality assurance debriefs
  • Work with the EHS team and other Production crew members to ensure a safe operating environment is maintained at all times
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by Operations Management

Minimum education level of a high school diploma is required, an associate degree preferred. Above all, candidates should have extensive experience with coating equipment, possess excellent attention to detail, and strive to continually improve product and process quality. Additional qualifications:

  • 5+ years’ experience in a manufacturing role
  • Hands-on experience with slot die coating systems
  • Detailed knowledge of operation of industrial roll-to-roll coating equipment
  • Experience with spiral-wound element rolling operations is an advantage for this role
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain a collaborative, professional demeanor while suggesting improvement or corrective actions
  • Outstanding attention to detail and the ability to multi-task
  • Flexibility and creativity to meet changes to schedule, priorities, or procedures
Schedule, Travel, Compensation, and Location
This is a full-time position in Woburn, MA.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and include a benefits package and company equity.