Our patented chemistry

We leverage the remarkable power of zwitterions to make membranes that can withstand the most challenging applications without sacrificing performance.

A zwitterion (also known as an “inner salt”) is a molecule that has both a positively and a negatively charged group in close proximity. These charges pull water to the zwitterion while repelling organic components (like proteins, fats and oils) that stick to traditional membranes and impede their filtration capacity.

By linking these zwitterions together with a strong backbone, we create extremely hydrophilic (“water-loving”) membranes that prevent organic components from adhering to their surface or clogging their pores.

The result is reliable, lasting filtration.

Award winning technology

About Us

ZwitterCo brings more than a decade of expertise to the industrial water market and provides comprehensive support for our technologies through our in-house engineering and lab capabilities. We have been recognized by the US Department of Energy as a leader in advanced filtration and water recovery technologies.
About Us

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