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Addressing water and wastewater challenges is a public health, national security, and environmental priority. The collective resolve to protect this critical resource has never been stronger, and it demands our creativity and engagement. At ZwitterCo, we play our part by innovating and implementing groundbreaking solutions.

Our Current Openings


Director, Manufacturing Operations

This role will help grow and shape the company as we scale our business membrane to make a global impact.

People Operations

IT Specialist

This position will be critical in supporting seamless day-to-day operations and ensuring that both remote and in-person team members can work together effectively.


Operations Technician

This role should be familiar with the operation of industrial water filtration equipment, general assembly, and product packaging.

People Operations

People Operations Manager

This position will be critical for helping our company grow seamlessly and with a resolute focus on People experience.

Applications Engineering

Senior Applications Engineer

This role will ensure the success of our commercial deployments with a focus on membrane system design.


Senior Sales Specialist / Engineer

Drive sales of our cutting-edge membrane solutions into fast-growing, high-impact applications.


Sales Engineer / Sales Specialist

Drive sales of our cutting-edge membrane technology into fast-growing, high-impact applications

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