Overview of Role

ZwitterCo is seeking an experienced Quality Engineer to take a leadership role managing product and process quality for ZwitterCo’s industry-leading filtration membranes across its supply chain.

The right person for this role has a history of working with external value-add suppliers and in-house manufacturing operations. They will have demonstrated success embedding comprehensive process and product quality data collection means and reporting methods, particularly with chemistry-based process and product environments.

Key to this role is full command, and a track record of hands-on design, implementation, and oversight of supply chain product quality transparency. Inclusive of working with suppliers to embed a shared quality management philosophy and data collection means that tracks product quality, process quality, SPC managed trends & exception flagging, provides real-time corrective action/root cause analysis management – all while being connected across the supply chain via a digital thread.

ZwitterCo has advanced the state-of-the-art of membrane-based filtration performance across a range of industries and has set an equally high standard for the quality management function.  This role will be on the forefront of working with and driving key suppliers to produce the highest quality membranes complementing our industry-leading filtration quality.

Candidates who thrive in a fast paced, self-critical growth environments are particularly encouraged to apply.


The Quality Engineer will take responsibility for the design and implementation of statistics-based product and process quality data capture, analysis, and presentation dashboards.

Working with the ZwitterCo R&D team, Manufacturing team, and all key material & value-add suppliers, this person will coordinate the introduction of design specifications to all stakeholders and ensure there is a comprehensive and efficient means of tracking WIP and finished product quality and its adherence to company standards.

Working closely with the Manager of Technical Operations, the VP Operations, and senior R&D team members, this person will build a supply chain data collection means that provides quality trends, rules-based exception reporting, cost of quality metrics, and defect reporting. They will provide recommendations across the supply chain on how and where to optimize process quality.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the design, development, and implementation of a comprehensive process and product quality data collection system and dashboard-based presentation methodology
  • Fully understand the process capabilities and limitations of all key membrane production steps across the entire supply chain
  • Provide measurable and statistically significant SPC-driven data decision making methods
  • Take a leadership role in Design of Experiments and correlation study projects as needed for the purpose of reducing process measurements without compromising product quality
  • Be an active member of new product introduction (NPI) cross-functional teams contributing quality control plans as part of the NPI phase gate process. Representing both in-house manufacturing and external supply partner needs
  • Ensure in-house manufacturing has quality measurement and data capture requirements embedded within the production process and the means to collect process data
  • Performs process audits across the supply chain
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Technical Operations Manager


Candidates must have a minimum of a technical bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is preferred.

Additional qualifications:

  • 10+ years of experience in quality management roles
  • 5+ years of experience with chemistry/materials science-based operations inclusive of roll-to-roll production operations (highly desired)
  • Extensive experience designing and launching QMS systems for in-house and external supply chain-based operations
  • Prior experience working with external supply partners transferring product quality specifications, qualifying supplier quality controls to ensure on-going quality is maintained
  • Prior start-up experience is desired, or a demonstrated track record working in high growth, fast-paced environments
  • Experience implementing Industry 4.0 quality concepts is highly prized (inclusive of IIoT equipment-based sensors, digital twins, and data analytic based dashboards)

Schedule, Travel, Compensation, and Location

This is a full-time position in Woburn, MA.

Travel for this role is expected to be between 15% – 25%, primarily to key supply partner sites.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and include a benefits package and company equity.

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