Applications Development Technician

Overview of Role

ZwitterCo is seeking a motivated, versatile Application Development Technician to operate its cutting-edge membrane solutions. The candidate will have a critical role in managing applications development testing to ensure project and customer success. Candidates should have experience in relevant scientific or engineering disciplines along with outstanding interpersonal skills and a demonstrated track record of rapidly mastering new domains.

Candidates who thrive in fast-paced, self-critical growth environments are particularly encouraged to apply.


The candidate’s primary responsibility will be the successful execution of pilot-scale installations of our membrane technology at the ZwitterCo-West Monroe, LA, facility. These projects require the commissioning and operation of skid-mounted process equipment. Successful candidates will be able to calibrate instrumentation safely and efficiently, perform maintenance, troubleshoot malfunctions, take water samples, and analyze performance trends in real-time. The candidate will be expected to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with internal and external customers and project a competent, professional demeanor during all interactions.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Operation of both PLC-based and manual process equipment

  • Calibration of common instrumentation, including flowmeters and pH probes

  • Sampling of process streams according to EPA and other methodologies

  • Perform routine water quality analysis using field-ready chemistry kits (i.e. Hach or equivalent)

  • Troubleshoot control and programming issues, including tuning of PID control loops to eliminate instabilities and improve response times
  • Make modifications to pilot equipment, such as modifying pipe runs or installing new equipment (welding experience not required)
  • Assist with the preparation of compelling reports and presentations for internal staff and external clients from pilot data and operating results, demonstrating strong communication and presentation skills
  • Maintain professional and unflappable composure, especially when troubleshooting and performing client-facing activities
  • Work with people of all backgrounds, education, and technical competency
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license and clean driving record and be willing to travel by car or air when required
  • Monitor pilot operations remotely and provide on-call assistance to customers
    • Other responsibilities as assigned


      A degree from a vocational school, an associate or bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering preferred.

      Other areas of education that would enable a candidate to thrive are Industrial Electrical Technology (IET), mechanical engineering, math, environmental engineering, or water treatment.

      • Must have strong math skills
      • The ability to perform routine water treatment calculations is preferred
      • 1-3+ years of hands-on experience with water treatment equipment, such as pumps, control valves, flowmeters, etc.
      • Experience with membrane technology is highly desired, but not required
      Schedule, Travel, Compensation, and Location

      This position is based in West Monroe, LA, and will report directly to the Applications Development Manager.

      Travel for this role is expected to be 10%, depending on project pipeline and schedule.

      Compensation will be commensurate with experience and will include equity and benefits.